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Information about Parodol® toothpaste (GB)

Parodol® toothpaste is made for prevention and relief of gum problems and periodontal disease, and is perfect if you want your oral hygiene to be as good as possible.

Fights implant inflammation (peri-implantitis and peri-mucositis).

Suitable for people who find it difficult to combat harmful oral bacteria, with bad breath or bleeding gums as a result.

But even for people without such problems, Parodol® acts as a preventive and gives you a refreshingly clean mouth.

Parodol® toothpaste is based on 4 plant oils:

Menthol and thymol fights harmful bacteria in the entire oral cavity and restores the natural balance of bacteria. This fights bad breath.

Eucalyptus and methyl salicylate (from oil of wintergreen) act as an antiinflammatory and provide relief for sensitive teeth and reduces blisters and fungal spores.

Parodol® is intentionally produced without the soap sodium lauryl sulfate, as this substance can destroy the protective sheath against bacteria and viruses formed by saliva. Therefore Parodol® does not form a lather.

Naturally Parodol® has fluoride to fight tooth decay. Parodol® was developed by dentists and bioanalysts specialising in periodontal disease treatment.

Parodol® got a top placement in the Danish Ministry of the Environment’s (now Forbrugerkemi’s) toothpaste reviews of 56 different tested toothpaste brands in 2008.


Declaration for Parodol®

Common to both Red and Blue Parodol:

Glycerin, Alcohol, Carbomer, Eucalyptol (aroma), Sodium floride (1400 ppm), Sodium benzoate, Thymol (aroma), Menthol (aroma), Methylsalicylate (aroma), E 142 (colouring). Distilled water.

Red Parodol contains kaolin (mild polishing agent).

Parodol contains no parabens, triclosan, allergycausing


The oils and substances that the antibacterial effect of Parodol® is based on are well known and the American Dental Assosiation has shown a plaque reduction of 30-40% in several controlled trials.

Dentist, DD Else Østergaard described these components that fight bacterial enzymes and degrade bacterial cell walls in her Ph.D. dissertation from 1996.

The resistance tests of Parodol® against plaque were done through Statens Serum Institut and Gigthospitalet (Kong Christian X's Rheumatism Hospital). These confirmed the reduction of plaque bacteria and fungal spores.

You can buy Parodol® from Danish pharmacies or pharmacy wholesalers. Parodol can also be purchased directly at

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